Paul Speare - Time and Place

Time and Place is my current music video project, only available on YouTube at present.  The project title refers to the variety of time signatures which I use and the places referred to in the titles, places which have had some significance in my life.  Also, the time had come for me to finally embark on a project of my own after many years of thinking about it, and the place - Canterbury, where I now live - seemed right for this.


At the end of March 2022 I gathered together a small group of fantastic musicians for two days at Space Sequoia, a studio in the countryside near Canterbury.  We rehearsed and recorded four new instrumental pieces which I'd been working on for nearly a year.  These are being released individually on Fridays from 22nd April 2022. 



The players on all the pieces are:


Hilary Cameron     keyboard

Simon Golding      electric guitar

Flo Moore             double bass/bass guitar

Jonathan Ward     drums

Myself       baritone saxophone/

                   flute/ alto flute/

                    bass  clarinet

The first - Wincheap Shoe Step - is linked below.

The second - Hamilton Ho. - is linked below.